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Welcome to Global Green Concept Designs –We are changing the way we build today, “Assembling Dreams One Structure At A Time”…

You can transform your life and lifestyle by going away from the typical construction methods. Our Tongue and Groove Assembly Kits, are made of 100% natural wood, no adhesives, formaldehyde as found in plywood….just healthy natural Nordic Pine and Spruce from sustainable forests in Northern Europe.

Our building kits are not only a healthy choice, they are high quality yet very affordable. Depending on size, they can be assembled by one or two people in hours or days. Our garden sheds can be assembled within a day, ready to do the staining and roofing the following day. The Labor Costs to erect one of our buildings is greatly reduced.

For those that want to get away from big houses that come with large mortgages, we are very geared into the Tiny Home Trend and would love to assist you with this Right-Sizing lifestyle choice.

About our President/Owner of Global Green Concept Designs:

Ron Blair

Having been in the RV Industry for over 40 years, I have been able to see firsthand how drastically people’s lives have been affected by the downturn in economy and the foreclosures that came by the thousands. People would come into my Dealership looking for an RV, not always to buy for recreational purposes, but to live in. They had lost jobs and homes and needed to change their lifestyle drastically. It was right in the middle of that period when I was introduced to the Nordic Pine/Spruce Tongue and Groove Cabin Kits that have been so prevalent in Northern Europe for literally hundreds of years, but new to North America.

I ‘Got It’ immediately and now today we are the factory representative for two locations to serve all needs and budgets for people looking for backyard storage, to full size homes. We offer a healthy (100% natural wood from sustainable forests), quality and ‘affordable’ options. We are involved in the Green Movement and offer products at including solar and wind generation. Other products will be added soon.

In addition, The Tiny Home Trend is a Right Sizing movement and people search to have the freedom from debt and maintenance of large homes.

*Emergency Housing *Construction Work Camps *Oilfield Camps
*Temporary Housing *Campground Cabins *Recreational Cabin Rentals
*Off Grid Living *ADU Accessory Dwelling Units *Storage *Hobby Houses
*Back Yard Guest Homes *Staycation Cabins *Gazebos, Hot Tub Enclosures,
BBQ Grill Shelters *Swimming Pool and Spa Buildings
And much more, limited only to your imagination…


Ron Blair


Global Green Concept Designs.

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International Business Development, Africa

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