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Welcome to Global Green Concept Designs –We are changing the way we build today, “Assembling Dreams One Structure At A Time”…

You can transform your life and lifestyle by going away from the typical construction methods. Our Tongue and Groove products, are made of 100% natural wood, no adhesives, formaldehyde as found in plywood….just healthy natural Nordic Pine and Spruce from sustainable forests in Northern Europe. 

For those that want to get away from big houses that come with large mortgages, we are very geared into the Tiny Home Trend and would love to assist you with this Right-Sizing lifestyle choice.

About our President/Owner of Global Green Concept Designs:

Ron Blair

INTERNATIONAL HOUSING CONCEPTS was created by Ronald D. Blair in 2008. He had been a successful Recreational Vehicle (RV) Dealer for over 40 years. Ron either owned or operated some of the largest RV dealerships in the Pacific Northwest. He designed some of the most popular, #1 selling RV floor plans, in the industry. Ron was the President of the RV Dealer Association and was one of the founders for the creative, innovative movement of off-site RV shows.

Ron was the founder of RV TALK RADIO and was invited to attend the NARTSH (National Associations of Radio Talk Show Hosts). Ron was the broadcaster for over 300 RV Talk Radio programs across the airways of the United States for the RV enthusiasts. Ron was granted RVIA Certification, which is the highest certification in the RV Industry for manufacturing RV Tiny Home Trailers (AS SEEN ON HGTV).

In 2008, when the economy fell significantly due to large quantities of job losses and mortgage foreclosures, Ron began seeing a noticeable increase in customers coming to spend money to purchase RV’s for $10,000 or less.  These units were not intended to vacation in but for buyers to live in. That particular dollar range of inventory was very limited.

Perfect timing. During this time, Ron Blair was looking for a particular product that would use a century old method of Kiln Dried Nordic Pine Tongue & Groove, Milled Log Cabins. Ron found the perfect product and manufacturer of the exact product and immediately saw that this product would exactly meet the needs and fill the industry void for those customers looking for green, affordable housing. Ron was the first to bring this green, unique and absolutely amazing product to North America.

Ron liked the potential of this amazing product opportunity so much that his desire to bring the business immediately advanced to a national and global level. He began the footwork of creating and designing a truly green start up business for this product in North America. Ron developed catalogs, affordable pricing structure and unique business structure, which included conversions of metric to imperial and training materials.

It was his eye catching catchy phrase “Tiny Street of Dreams” that brought a large increase of foot traffic to his RV dealership, centralized on busy Interstate 5 in Western Washington. People traveled thousands of miles, with the desire and need to see, feel and touch these adorable Tiny Homes. Over the next few fast moving years, Ron spent time researching which models worked best with relation to location.

This innovation evolved into yet another unique facet; Ron started to build Tiny House models on flatbed trailers to pull around to shows. The Tiny House enthusiasts now wanted this type of unit! The new Tiny House on a Trailer took off rapidly. The Tiny Home on the trailer was going to be a deal changer and the movement was significant. This type of mobile, adorable structure was appealing to buyers who did not want to be tied down to a large mortgage, or simply couldn’t afford a larger dwelling or land to put a home on. These Tiny House on a Trailer enthusiasts were looking to do things differently. The life of freedom meant more to them than accumulating more. They lived the saying . . . Less is MORE. Less house, less ‘stuff’ means MORE freedom to enjoy life and spend more time with family.

Additionally, the Tiny Home on the Trailer opportunity also filled a void with the prevalent homeless situation, Veteran’s rehabilitation and even concerns with overcrowded jails. This newest facet was observed in early corrections release programs with no place for those individuals to live. Yet another opportunity for the housing was aided with the increased crime rate as well as relief provided for mothers and young children on the streets. These innovative housing solutions meant the need for affordable homes could be built very quickly. All of the above facets prove that the new, innovative Tiny House movement is fast becoming the solution to a variety of housing needs.

Timing is endless. You are not late for one natural disaster you are just early for the next. Fire, flood, hurricane, tornado or mud slide survivors need help today not tomorrow. Now International Housing Concepts Tiny Homes can provide comfort and shelter wrapped up in a green work of art is only a few hours away, to allow families to get back under one beautiful roof together.

HGTV discovered Ron Blair and International Housing Concepts with Tiny Homes on or off the Trailers are seen every night on television across the United States and around the world. Tiny Homes are on the news and make the news! Everyone wants one for someone. Tiny Home Shows are popping up everywhere! Ron Blair and his new, innovative, creative and enthusiastic business team are working together to bring affordable, adorable, float-able, treehouse-able and transportable housing Worldwide.

Ron Blair


*Emergency Housing *Construction Work Camps *Oilfield Camps
*Temporary Housing *Campground Cabins *Recreational Cabin Rentals
*Off Grid Living *ADU Accessory Dwelling Units *Storage *Hobby Houses
*Back Yard Guest Homes *Staycation Cabins *Gazebos, Hot Tub Enclosures,
BBQ Grill Shelters *Swimming Pool and Spa Buildings
And much more, limited only to your imagination…


Ron Blair


Global Green Concept Designs.

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