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What types of timber is my cabin made from?

Nordic Pine

What is meant by Kiln Dried and Milled Logs, and what are their advantages?

Our logs are Kiln dried down to 13%-14% moisture.  This is what allows the boards to be nice and straight.  Our logs are Milled to a flat board instead of the round logs you see in log cabins to allow for ease of transportation.  This also make is it much easier when adding cabinets and internal designs to the interior.

What is Tongue and Groove Assembly?

Our buildings are assembled as opposed to stick built.  They are double tongue and groove and stack on top of each other.

How are various snow loads addressed?

Our buildings do very well in all types of weather.  If you live where you get a lot of snow, or heavier snow loads are required, we can meet those needs.   We offer reinforced roofs for just this reason.   You just need to inform us what snow load requirement you need and we will gladly get that quoted for you.  

How are wind loads addressed?

We use 150 mph hurricane straps on all our Tiny Homes for Trailers.  If you want a model on a foundation, we have storm rods that are drilled in the boards and threaded through.  These can be attached to concrete if so desired.

Do I need to worry about Building Codes?

It is always the customers responsibility to do their homework and know the codes for the area they are putting a building.  You can check to see what size building, [what external square footage] you can put up that would not require a permit.  Some areas will also have a height restriction so be sure to check.  If you are building something larger that requires code, just let us know what your needs are.

What about installation?

If added insulation besides the tongue and groove log walls is needed, we offer two types of double wall construction.  They can be insulated just like any other home either on the inside, the outside, or between double walls.  We will be glad to discuss this with you.

How do I find a dealer near me?

Visit our “Find A Dealer Near You” page.  If your browser does not auto-detect your location, simply enter your Address or Zip Code in the search box. Take Me There

Do dealers offer delivery? Installation?

Yes.  Please discuss with your local dealer to see what else they can offer you and fees.

More Questions?

If our FAQ section did not answer your questions, or you simply need more information, feel free to contact us any time!

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